THANK YOU for participating in my monthly Christmas challenge and have a wonderful Christmas as well as a glorious Happy New Year ! X The challenge is on hiatus for the time being and will start again last quarter of 2012 or from January 2013 at the latest. I apologise for the inconvenience

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

March Challenge Curled Paper Strip Christmas Card - A Curl or/and Picture

Hello everyone ! :) March is here so that means spring time is just 3 weeks away hurray !

I've used a lovely TLC Crimbo kit which has pictures that can be used, I also made a curl with a strip of paper as I thought it would complement the card look.

So this month theme is A Curl or/and Pictures

Have fun adding your creations throughout this month and I'll have a surprise give away to draw from a 'hat' at the end of the month for one of the participants ! ;)

Thanks for joining in the fun of Xmas ! 

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