THANK YOU for participating in my monthly Christmas challenge and have a wonderful Christmas as well as a glorious Happy New Year ! X The challenge is on hiatus for the time being and will start again last quarter of 2012 or from January 2013 at the latest. I apologise for the inconvenience

What is the Christmas Challenge ?

What's the Christmas Challenge ?

Every Month I'll be making a Christmas card with a theme.

You can make one card or more according to the month number (February being 2, March number 3 and so on). For example in February (month 2) you can make one card or two; in June you can make 1 card or six. I hope that makes sense ! ;)

You can add your Christmas card(s) to just click on ADD LINK once you filled in your website address of your post, name and email (don't worry it won't show) just pick the thumbnail of your card and you're done !

You don't have to follow the theme but the card has to be a Holiday Season one, please. I hope you'll join me for the next 48 weeks so you can have a full stash of handmade Yuletide cards to give to your loved ones.

Have fun with my Christmas Cards Challenge X Fab
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